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The first Not Quite Right cartoon was drawn in 2001 and since then the stable of cartoons has grown and grown.  In 2003 Not Quite Right appeared on the Comic Sherpa website. This American site features over 200 undiscovered cartoon strips and panels and allows readers the opportunity to vote each day for their favourite cartoon. During the time Not Quite Right was featured on the Comic Sherpa website it was consistently ranked in the top ten and was also the highest ranked non-American cartoon strip or panel. Not Quite Right cartoons have appeared on Ink Group (John Sands) greeting cards for over five years, with 60 cartoons being used! Not Quite Right cartoons is one of a very select number of Australian cartoons currently being tested for release in the USA by John Sands. In 2004 consumer testing in Australia and New Zealand markets of over 40 different card ranges from all leading card manufacturers ranked Not Quite Right cartoons at seventeenth. At the 2004 Annual Australian Greeting Card Association awards, Not Quite Right cartoons made the final four in the ‘Best humorous’ and ‘Best Birthday Humorous’ ranges. In 2005 Auspac Media secured the newspaper and magazine syndication rights to the Not Quite Right series. Within weeks of being syndicated with Auspac Media the first sales of Not Quite Right commenced and a high amount of interest has already been shown by newspapers and magazines. The Not Quite Right website continues to grow with record amounts of hits each month, not just from Australia but from all corners of the globe.


not Quite Right

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